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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Law and Order SVU actor charged with Child Porn: Let the irony commentary begin
From wnbc.com:

WAYNE, N.J. -- An actor who once played a lieutenant on NBC's "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" has been charged with possession of child pornography, authorities said Tuesday.

Albert Insinnia, 57, of Bloomfield, turned himself into the Passaic County Sheriff's Department in Wayne on Monday and was released on bail Tuesday morning, said sheriff's spokesman Bill Maer.

Insinnia was charged with two counts of possession of child pornography after authorities allegedly discovered 180 images of child porn on the hard drive of the actor's laptop computer.

Reached at his home Tuesday afternoon, Insinnia told The Associated Press he had no comment, but his lawyer, Joseph Portelli, said he planned to plead not guilty at an arraignment Tuesday afternoon.

"Any images that may have been on that computer are not his," Portelli said, adding that there are no allegations that his client purchased or sold any of the images.

Ok, so he was only in two episodes, but it still makes good press. And it's really great this guy is paying his lawyer so much to say that the images are not his. My work is done! DONK DONK!!

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Snapping Turtle proves too much for Fishermen

From Indeonline

Police responded to a call that a firearm had been discharged shortly after 11 p.m. Friday on the Tuscarawas riverbank near the intersection of Earl Road and Lake Avenue.

“From what I understand, two guys where out fishing on Friday night ... just on the western side of the river,” DiLoreto said. “But instead of catching a fish, they caught a snapping turtle.

“So these two knuckleheads have this turtle hooked and I think they were planning to eat it,” DiLoreto continued. “Apparently he was taking a shot at the turtle and his foot got in the way. He shot himself in the foot.”

The discharged weapon was a 9mm handgun.

“I don’t know how bad his foot is, but I do know they took him to a hospital by private vehicle right away. ... At that close range and the bullet moving that fast, it had to have hurt like heck.”

DiLoreto said he is not sure if the turtle lived or not. “I can’t say with a 100 percent certainty – but I think the turtle got away,” he said.

The case is listed as a possible fourth-degree misdemeanor, which could mean up to 30 days in jail and a $250 fine.

So is this then a tale of the Tortoise and the Hair (Trigger)? One thing is for sure--these guys need to have a shell put on themselves so that they don't hurt themselves any more than they already have. I sincerely doubt the guys will get a fourth-degree misdemeanor, the jury won't be able to stop laughing to pose such a sentence, ya think?

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Fast Food Robber taken into custody

Police say he climbed half way into the drive-through window at a Burger King on East 95th Street and threatened the workers with a gun. The employees ran into an office for safety and called police. A few minutes after he ran away, a pair of officers caught up with the man.

There was a vehicle matching the description given. We curbed the vehicle at which time we apprehended the offender with a semiautomatic and another handgun and the proceed that were taken from the robbery," said James Dillon, Chicago Police Department.

Police suspect he also robbed a nearby Wendy's.

Police say he was wearing a bullet proof vest and claimed to be a security guard.

Charges are pending.

Goosey's Gabbings....

I guess this gives new meaning to the name "Hamburglar". When reached for comment, the perpetrator was quoted as saying "robble robble robble".

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Tampa man arrested for buthering alligator---on front lawn
(CBS4) TAMPA A Tampa man arrested for butchering an alligator on his front lawn said he only wanted a new belt.

35-year old Benjamin Hodges told police he found the 4 to 5 foot long dead alligator floating in the Hillsborough River on Sunday and took it home in a shopping cart. He had just started to skin it when the police showed up and arrested him.

Hodges was charged with killing or possessing an alligator, both of which are illegal in Florida. It's a felony punishable by up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. He has been released on $2 thousand bond.

The American alligator is protected in Florida as a species of special concern, and hunting is tightly controlled. Only state-licensed trappers can kill alligators out of season.

Goosey's Gabbings...

Steve Irwin must be puking in his grave. If there's any spirit that will haunt this moron, it will be the Crocodile Hunter...CRIKEY!!!

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Ten-hut! Forward--HALT! About FACE! Pose for racy pictures! At Ease, at ease...

NEWPORT NEWS - A Fort Eustis drill sergeantwill spend six months in prison for having inappropriate personal relationships with three trainees in his command.

Staff Sgt. Edmundo Estrada was court-martialed Monday for his actions during a 15-month period at thepost, where he oversaw low-ranking soldiers, many just out of boot camp.

Estrada, a drill sergeant with the 1-222ndAviation Regiment, 8th Transportation Brigade since 2005, pleadedguilty to violating regulations not to develop relationships withsubordinates and three counts of mistreating the three male soldiers.

Estrada said in court he hadone-on-one interactions with each soldier. He asked each one to posefor what he called body-building photos, urging them to take theirshirts off and wear spandex shorts.

He also pressured the soldiers to act out torture scenes from a movie.

One of his victims who testified Monday, aprivate first class now stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, approachedEstrada for help after he was caught cheating on an exam.

Estrada testified he told the private hewould help if the soldier re-created torture scenes from an unnamedmovie. He threatened to stop helping and move the soldier out of thebarracks unless he posed for the pictures, according to testimony.

Estrada, a married father of two, couldhave faced nine years in prison. He pleaded guilty to two of the threecharges, a total of six counts, in exchange for the six-month sentence,reduction in rank to specialist and a bad conduct discharge.

Goosey's Gabbings...

My bet is that isn't the only discharge he got...mmmm...sticky buns....:P

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